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I'm Diego

My goal is to design/build modern, easy-to-use and graphically appealing website for both companies and individuals. Get in touch!

地平線を見る Name __ Diego Mantegazza Freelance Web Dev __ Designer Based in Milan __ Italy hello@diegomantegazza.me

A bit About Me

My way of working and some general info. Check out the about me page to see more.

My Projects Showcase

A celestial battle unfolds on the ceiling, as angels and demons clash in a captivating painting. Oil Painting.

What do I do? I conceptualize engaging digital experiences through my web design service, combining aesthetics and functionality. From concept to implementation, I transform ideas into engaging and intuitive websites that capture attention and promote your brand with style and professionalism.

In addition to web design, I offer advanced skills in web development and the creation of custom graphics. My approach also includes restyling, to breathe new life and modernity into existing designs. From concept to implementation, I guarantee solutions that leave a lasting impression.

How it's done?

Two girls on a red car. From the anime 'Cowboy Bebop' by Shinichirō Watanabe.
0.1 ✦ Design

The first phase of the project is to develop the design agreed with the client. If you don't like it, there is still time to change it. Let's design it ►

0.2 ✦ Development

Once the design is completed, we move on to the actual development of the website through appropriate technologies. Let's code it ►

0.3 ✦ Deployment

The developed website is deployed on the best hosting services at the lowest possible price, always keeping data security in mind. Let's ship it ►

I believe in creating solutions that blend with your identity. Personalization is at the heart of my work, embracing modernity to transform your visions into unique and authentic digital experiences.

View of some Japanese billboards next to a highway. From the anime 'Ghost In The Shell' by Mamoru Oshii.

Work with me! ☞ mailto:hello@diegomantegazza.me ☢ 

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